You should write a book, AJ!

June 27, 2020 - 6:28pm -- aj

You should write a book, AJ! 

That's what they said. "Write a Book! You've got a powerful story. It helps people to know the details of your journey." 

"Yes," I would say. "I'm going to write a book," I'd think.

Then, I'd say the same to others. I drive one of my Girlfriends nuts because I say it all the time. (Miss Loveland, I love you!!)

This pattern has been repeating for nearly as long as I've been able to hold a pencil. 

The hysterically ironic thing is that I moved almost ten years ago to space where one of America's most famous poets played with his sisters. I've attended many of the Summer Writing workshops in the World Famous Garden here at hour house. I'm smart. I can write. I'm an excellent write-ah. 

The not-so-funny or ironic things are that I got scared. I got scared of a lot of fears. The main concern which I'm breaking through now is that I may get in trouble. 

The reality of this fear is that its total B.S.!!! A big bucket of poopy poop. I am not going to be in trouble for telling the truth. My story is my story, and I have permission to share. I granted it. 

So, with that acknowledgment, I'm here to build the string of stories. We are going to do it in the framework of my favorite activity: EATING! I love to eat, eat with others, cook, and cooking for others brings me joy. I'm stunned by the recipe cards, place settings, table arrangements, and eating plans that have created my story thus far. 

Stay tuned for weekly posts! 


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